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While RMHC is a trusted Australian charity, we have a strategic goal to become the charity Australians love to support. This year, RMHC South East Queensland partnered with Channel 9 to create a special documentary that will build trust and familiarity with our brand.

RMHC: the 11th most trusted charity in Australia

Every year, the Australian Charity Reputation Index (RepTrak®) surveys Australians to measure the overall reputation of the country’s 40 largest charities. Charities are ranked based on trust, admiration, respect and overall esteem.

In 2021, RMHC Australia moved from 13th to 11th most trusted charity in Australia. This remarkable achievement highlights everyone’s work at RMHC, from our staff and Chapters to our donors and supporters. Thanks to this widespread, coordinated approach to increasing brand familiarity across Australia, we will be better placed to support even more families as we move into 2022.

Where the heart is

Despite how long RMHC has existed, many Australians are not aware of the depth of our work. When an opportunity to showcase our story with Channel 9 came up, we jumped at it. Where the Heart is takes a heartfelt dive into the many layers of RMHC South East Queensland’s contribution – from our Houses and Family Rooms to our Learning Programs, volunteer support and fundraising efforts.

One of our goals for 2021 was to increase familiarity and support for the work we do, so that we can have an even greater impact on the families we support.

The 42-minute documentary was created for this purpose. It was shot over six months and between the third and fourth lockdowns – a true labour of love that demonstrated our commitment to our mission.

Where the Heart is aired twice in November and reached 125,000 more viewers than anticipated – an incredible result for RMHC South East Queensland.

The more recognition and support we can get for RMHC, the more we can deliver on our mission.

Volunteer Story

The biggest heart of all

The biggest heart of all
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