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In a year that disrupted the way we work and connect, we invested in supporting and engaging our teams through every transition. From lunch-and-learn sessions to virtual conferences, we focused on boosting mental health, professional development and morale – ensuring we have the right, mission-focused team on board.

Volunteers Summit

The work that matters most of all

Volunteers are the heart of RMHC. Given the ratio of volunteers to staff is 3,000 to 300, respectively, across the RMHC system, RMHC wouldn’t exist without them.

Volunteers dedicated their time and talent across our Programs, allowing Chapters to direct more donations to the families and seriously ill children who need it most. They bring another level of warmth and support to what we do.

This year, in recognition of the life-changing work volunteers do, we held the first national, virtual Volunteers Summit. The Summit was held over four days and gave volunteers the chance to learn, connect, have fun, and truly feel seen and heard.

We believe that investing in and showing our appreciation for volunteers is the very least we can do.

Over the course of the Summit, volunteers were reminded why the work they do matters most of all. They heard courageous, heartfelt stories of survival and recovery, funny moments shared by peers and a personal thank you from the families they serve.

They also learnt how to communicate with hard-of-hearing patients and families using basic Auslan, and how to show themselves the same kindness they so freely give to others.

The Summit was so popular amongst those that attended, they’re already looking forward to the next one.

What our volunteers said

“The Summit made me feel more connected to other volunteers and to the organisation.”

“I enjoyed learning about other Programs, like the Family Retreat Program. I now feel very confident that I can share this information with families when I’m working with them in the House.”

“The event made me feel part of an organisation that cares about me as a volunteer. I hope the next one goes for longer and we have time to speak with volunteers from other Houses.”

Volunteer Story

Unforgettable bonds

Unforgettable bonds

Organisational Excellence Forum

A moving virtual experience

“Wow! Amazing!”
“What an inspiring story!”
“Not a dry eye here…”

These are just a handful of comments taken from the first day of the conference – a testament to the energy and inspiration that was abundant at this year’s online forum.

As first-time virtual conferences go, it was a knockout event.

The forum was held over five days via Zoom, which allowed more team members from around the country to attend compared to our usual, in-person event.

Given there were no limitations on location, we could source a greater calibre of speakers, such as musician and comedian Luke Escombe. All kinds of entertaining, Luke has turned three decades of living with a chronic illness into joy and inspiration for the world to see, making him perfect as our Master of Ceremonies.

Inspired, entertained and informed

Once the forum kicked off, staff were taken on a journey of learning, laughter and inspiration. They heard stories about authenticity, innovation, leadership, overcoming adversity and communicating with purpose.

The forum gave staff the opportunity to reflect on their own roles, and reconnect with each other, their purpose and their mission.

After 18 months of lockdowns, restrictions and big changes to the way we work, it was just the inspiration everyone needed.

What our staff said

“I loved how each session was completely different! I learnt something valuable in every session.”

“Brilliant! Especially in times of lockdown – a great way of connecting to a cause and getting brilliant speakers (without travel costs and delays), allowing the dollar to stretch more than I imagine.”

“The content was excellent. The MC was outstanding.”

A team that’s aligned and focused on the mission

“Our mission and purpose are so clearly demonstrated and drive everything that we do.” – RMHC staff member

Like organisations everywhere, the pandemic has challenged how we work and demanded more from our staff than ever before.

At RMHC, differing levels of restrictions between states presented a new set of challenges. Many of our regular volunteers couldn’t continue to support our Programs the same way they had in previous years, which added further pressure to staff.

Despite this, we experienced high staff engagement levels across the board. We are immensely proud of this result, and it’s a testament to the incredible leadership our team showed throughout the pandemic.

RMHC ahead of the game in 2021

Service and quality focus score: 82%
16% above the NFP benchmark

Safety and wellbeing score: 88%
15% above the NFP benchmark

Leadership score: 86%
13% above the NFP benchmark

Staff engagement score: 79%
5% above NFP benchmark

Engagement can be defined as the level of connection, motivation and commitment a person feels for the place they work.

Why staff love working at RMHC

"Feeling part of a working team that truly cares for families and fellow staff. Feeling loved and supported.”

“We are delivering on the mission and supporting families really well.”

“The care and support of families is incredible, and we do that really well. I am so proud of my Chapter.”

“Genuinely working to improve resourcing within the current financial parameters.”

“Dealing with COVID and all that goes along with it.”