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Our vision

To achieve the best outcome for families by reducing the impact of their child’s serious illness.

Our mission

To support the ever-changing needs of seriously ill children and their families.

About RMHC

When family life is shattered by a child’s illness, it’s the everyday things that matter. They’re often the things we take for granted, like going to school or work, or enjoying bathtimes, playtimes and mealtimes together. The very things 2021 taught us to appreciate.

That’s why RMHC exists: to help families hold onto the small, everyday moments when their world falls apart.

We’ve been caring for Australian families with seriously ill children since 1981, and no matter what challenges we face, we’ll continue to do so for generations to come.

About RMHC

How we help

Every Program gives families with seriously ill children more tools to cope. The staff and volunteers who support our Programs provide love, safety, security and hope. They ensure families don’t miss out on the important moments.

“Without volunteers, it would be incredibly hard to run a place like Ronald McDonald House 24/7, 365 days a year.”



18 Ronald McDonald Houses

Our Houses are a home away from home for the families of seriously ill children. They offer comfort and support to families who travel far from home for their child’s medical care. All our Houses are located near hospitals, ensuring family members stay close to each other during treatment.

Pictured: Ronald McDonald House North Fitzroy, VIC

"Every day these kids get to spend time under this roof, in a comfy bed, with good food, family and love around them. It helps and gets them home sooner"



20 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms

Our Family Rooms provide comfort to families at the hospital and allow them a break from the stress of the wards. They’re a place for families to relax. Whether they’re having a meal, a cup of tea or a warm shower, or need somewhere to nap, we want families to feel cared for.

Pictured: Ronald McDonald Family Room Wollongong Hospital, NSW

"Volunteers are the ‘human’ part of the Family Room.”



National Learning Program

Missing school for extended periods can leave students feeling stressed, alone and behind on schoolwork. We offer one-on-one tuition that’s tailored to each child’s situation. Our National Learning Program helps students get back on track and builds their confidence, and makes the transition back to school much easier.

We’ve found that teachers also need support with this transition. They’re often dealing with children whose illness has impacted their emotional, mental and learning abilities. EDMed™ (Professional Learning for Teachers) offers professional development and teaching strategies to help teachers meet the complex needs of these students and provides a range of educational strategies to support teachers in their role assisting students in their transition back to school.

Five Ronald McDonald Family Retreats

Hospital life is stressful and uncertain. What better way for families to reconnect than on a holiday? Our Family Retreats give families the chance to relax, reset and enjoy special moments together again.

Pictured: Ronald McDonald Family Retreat Bunbury, WA

One Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

Our Care Mobile brings dental, medical and healthcare services to children in remote and rural NSW communities. In partnership with Royal Far West, it ensures distance isn’t a barrier to receiving the very best care in communities that need it most.

Pictured: Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, NSW

RMHC Hospitality Cart

Having a child in hospital can be a confronting experience for the whole family. Our Hospitality Cart at Mount Isa Hospital helps make it easier. It’s stocked with boredom busters books, games, and art and craft materials for children, and essential items like toiletries, eye masks and earplugs for adults. As a result, families can feel a little more comfortable while they are in the hospital.

Hospitality Cart Pictured: RMHC Hospitality Cart Mount Isa Hospital, QLD

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From visitor to volunteer
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