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What an incredible year! So many continued challenges and disruptions. All of them were an opportunity to step up and accelerate our move to a future-focused way of working, fundraising and, most importantly, supporting our families.

And we are thrilled to say our Charity succeeded. Not just surviving but thriving in the first year of our three-year Mission Possible Strategic Plan.

In 2021, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) in Australia saw an overall 24% increase in income and a 5% higher staff engagement than the not-for-profit (NFP) benchmark. Importantly, we collectively supported over 46,000 families when they needed it most. The most telling result was our Charity Reputation Index rating, which moved from 13th to 11th most trusted charity in Australia.

Each result is remarkable in its own right, but when added together show a charity that is committed to putting Australian families first, no matter the circumstances.

They are testament to what can be achieved when we have specialised teams across Australia that are nimble, responsive and focused on what really matters.

"Driven by mission at every turn, our teams kept asking: How can we do this differently? How can we do this better? And how will this support our families even more - now and in the future?"

As a result, we celebrated several firsts, broke a number of records and started a national dance movement. We diversified our approach to fundraising to ensure we’re not just reliant on events. And we tapped into a younger and more savvy donor market.

Through it all, families remained the focus of our every decision.

We partnered with hospitals to listen, respond and adapt to the changing needs of families against a backdrop of restrictions. We developed new initiatives to support families and seriously ill children throughout their lives. RMHC Australia also invested 97% of our funds in RMHC Chapters where we’d have the greatest impact.

It was also the year in which we innovated across all RMHC Chapters.

This saw teams test ideas locally and scale them to a national level. This led to the launch of our first House app for families, our first national fundraising campaign, and a first-of-its-kind Ronald McDonald Family Room in Perth – a modern twist on the traditional model.

In many ways, 2021 prepared us for a future we can’t predict. As result, we have emerged with a stronger charity, a more robust system and truly focused on our mission.

We excelled in a year that was challenging for organisations everywhere. We couldn’t be more grateful to our staff, volunteers, partners and supporters. Your generous spirit helped us support over 46,000 families in 2021.

You helped achieve the impossible. We are proud to enter 2022 with you at our side, knowing we have the right mission-focused team on board for another incredible year.

A heartfelt thank you to you all.