Impact Report 2020

Mission Partner

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During what has been a difficult year, we couldn’t be more thankful of the support we get from our Mission Partner, McDonald’s®.

From financial contributions to volunteering and fundraising McDonald’s has been with us for 40 years. Quite simply, we couldn’t do our work without you: thank you, Maccas®!

On November 16, 2020, all across Australia people came together to give to something that’s bigger than themselves. And this year, despite COVID-19, despite lockdowns, despite it all, people embraced McHappy Day® beyond our expectations backed by Hollywood royalty in the shape of the ambassador over $5m was raised!

To McDonald’s Australia, Licensees, Restaurants and individuals across the country who donated to our cause we raise our hands, and say FIVE MILLION thank-yous!

2020 McHappy Day