Impact Report 2020

Mission Possible
Strategic Plan 2023

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Having completed our Mission 2020 goals — we are now focused on the future. Our new Mission Possible 2023 strategy sets the course for our continued growth and Mission delivery. It provides the direction for how we will support and care for all our families today while focusing on being there for the next generation of families with seriously ill children who will need our support. Our 3 year strategic plan paves the way in making the impossible possible.


Enhancing our impact to more seriously ill children and their families

We will go beyond the current level of support we deliver and provide improved emotional wellbeing and physical services to our families


Transform and innovate our revenue growth

We will continue to increase and diversify our fundraising revenues and funding sources and establish a collaborative fundraising campaign with all RMHC Chapters


We want to be a charity that attracts and retains the best Mission-focused people

We will continue to be inclusive, supportive and willing to develop our team members and ensure we have the right people in the right roles, at the right time


Drive and empower collaboration for Mission efficiency

We will continue to develop, refine and deliver a collaborative business support framework that drives best practice standards while ensuring we maintain an ethical and sustainable focus for the Charity


Be recognised and known as an essential service and for our organisational excellence

Continue to ensure the Charity is viewed as an essential service in supporting Family Centred Care while demonstrating a sustained and consistent culture of exceptional service for our families


Become the Charity brand Australians understand, trust and support

Continue to deliver a consistent, coordinated and strategic approach to Government and leverage and grow our exceptional brand value

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