Impact Report 2020


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Against the backdrop of COVID-19, our RMHC Chapters worked tirelessly to deliver on our Mission and deliver an outstanding performance under often challenging circumstances.


Families supported

  • For every $1 invested… $3.60 of social & economic value is created by RMHC*
  • 69% of parents thought the House helped their children experience more positive clinical outcomes

*The Social Return on Investment Research was undertaken by Social Ventures Australia.


Families accommodated at our Houses

  • $1,265 in net savings per family during an average house stay of 11 days (or $115 per night) on accommodation, parking, food, laundry
  • 88% of parents said the House helped them feel less stressed or anxious


Learning Program students on any given week

  • 90% of parents report being better able to support their child’s learning needs because of the National Learning Program


Families visited to our Family Rooms

  • 90% of families experienced improved rest and physical wellbeing due to the Family Room


Families stayed at a Family Retreat

  • 81% of families experienced improved physical and emotional wellbeing when staying at a Family Retreat
  • $3,000 is the average savings per family visiting a Family Retreat


Children reached via Ronald McDonald Care Mobile®


Charlie Bell Scholarships awarded


Dedicated volunteers

  • Volunteers want to give back to their community and felt a sense of purpose as a result of their work with the House and Family Room Programs
  • 82,000 hours contributed to the Houses and Family Rooms by volunteers. The value of volunteer time is estimated at $1.6m each year



  • were provided with items from the RMHC Hospitality Cart

Why RMHC means so much to our families

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