Impact Report 2020

Vision, Mission
& About Us

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Our Vision

To achieve the best outcome for families by reducing the impact of their child’s serious illness.

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Our Mission

To support the ever-changing needs of seriously ill children and their families.

Our Mission

At Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) Australia we know that, like the world around us in 2020, life can be turned upside down when a child is seriously ill or injured. It disrupts the entire family dynamic – from school and work, to bath times, play times and quality time together. Everything changes and this can have a devastating effect on the whole family. RMHC helps family life carry on while a child is undergoing treatment: keeping families safe and secure together. We’ve been helping Australian families with seriously ill children since 1981, and no matter the challenges around us we will continue to do so for generations to come.

How We Help

We help families through our RMHC Programs: allowing them to enjoy everyday moments together providing love, safety, security and hope.

18 Ronald McDonald Houses

Offering our families a comfortable home away from home that’s conveniently close to the hospital, our Houses allow seriously ill children and their families to be together, remain close and surrounded by the love of one another while having everything they need to feel supported, secure and safe.

19 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms

Located close to the children’s wards within hospitals, each of our Family Rooms provide families with everything they need to feel rested, cared for and looked after — whether it’s a meal or cup of tea, a place to recharge and relax, our Family Rooms provide a much-needed refuge.

5 Ronald McDonald Family Retreats

Our Family Retreats offer precious moments for our families to forget the uncertainty and stresses of hospital life, providing a free holiday to be together and find solace.

1 Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

In partnership with Royal Far West, the Care Mobile ensures distance isn’t a barrier to delivering the very best care across remote and rural NSW, enabling assessments and early intervention services for children in these areas: giving them the support they need, when it’s most needed.

National Ronald McDonald Learning Program

Providing tailored face-to-face learning and one-on-one online tuition sessions for over 890 students on any given week. Our National Learning Program helps children get back on track with their schoolwork, even after a long period of illness or injury, helping to make the transition back to school so much easier.

Through EDMed™ we also offer professional development for educators. Providing teachers with information about the potential impacts of a serious or chronic illness, EDMed™ also provides teaching strategies to support the needs of students impacted by a serious or chronic illness.

1 RMHC Hospitality Cart

Stocked with boredom busters including books, games, arts and crafts for children, and essential items like toiletries, eye-masks and ear-plugs for adults, the Hospitality Cart is our special way of providing rapid, mobile care and connection with our families whilst in hospital; allowing them to forget the mundane while looking after each other, all the while knowing that we’re always by their side.


RMHC Hospitality Cart