Impact Report 2020



Our journey is shared by the ties that bind us; and as 2020 has shown, that journey can sometimes take unexpected turns. What keeps us as one is our shared sense of purpose and hope: we endure through good and bad; we are resilient despite challenges; and regardless of time or circumstance, we are Better Together…

Thank You

Together we made things better this year. We’ve provided our families spaces to laugh, cry, and provide much needed hugs. Places to learn, rest and play. We delivered all this because of you. And for all of this and so much more we say thank you.

With you we made dark days a little brighter, providing care, comfort, safety and security along the way. Because of you and together with you, we stayed focused on our Mission, rose above the challenges of COVID-19, managed our way through lockdowns and social distancing to ensure our families stayed close to their seriously ill child.

Through your giving, kindness and selfless thought, we have ensured our families always have what they need — each other. They are Better Together.


Being in a place where everyone cares about you, and is there for you, was so special. It became our second home.

Doungnead, Parent

So having Ronald McDonald House and him (Troy) being able to be able to work down here is fantastic. It means we can all be together.

Vicisha, Parent

Mason gets so spoiled by the volunteers and the staff here, they just love him.

Alex, Parent


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