Annual Impact Report 2019


Like many organisations, 2020 has been earmarked as the year we achieve substantial goals, many of which the charity has been working towards for several years. We are tracking well against our strategic plan Mission 2020 and on target to complete each one of our ambitions by the end of the year.

Mission 2020

By the end of 2020 RMHC in Australia will collectively help more than 45,000 sick children and their families every year compared to the number of families supported in 2015.


Mission 2020 goals

  • Reach more sick children and their families
  • By 2020 we will: help 60% more sick children
    and families

2019 Alignment Achievements

2018 Gap Analysis Outcomes

Improve: Family wellbeing | Families transitioning home | Focus on siblings | Support for ‘bedside’ families.

Advance Our Learning Program

Identified the need to address the following:

  • Align technology to become agile
  • Make early childhood connections
  • Manage a child’s education needs from diagnosis through to graduation from the Learning Program
  • Make online tutoring available when in-person access is difficult
Family Room Growth

We have developed our Family Room Strategic Growth Focus, which has provided a clear vision for the future. It has led to the creation of our 19th Family Room, opened by RMHC Sydney in 2019. It’s estimated that it will support an extra 2,000 families a year.

First Hospitality Cart Launched

The Hospitality Cart is a new Program trialling support for families staying at their child’s bedside. RMHC North Australia launched the first Hospitality Cart at Mt Isa Hospital in August 2019, catering to children and families’ entertainment, refreshment and physical comfort needs.

It supported more than 100 families in the first five months. We are looking at opportunities to expand trials of the Hospitality Cart in 2020.



Mission 2020 goals

  • Create sustainable and diversified revenue streams
  • By 2020 we will: increase revenue to reach $30m p.a

2019 Money Achievements

Individual Donor Increase

Individual donors grew to almost 10,000 supporters through our appeals, regular giving and online giving.

Future-Proofing Donations

Plans to drive donations through kiosk and cashless activations at McDonald’s restaurants of the future. Trials underway using tap and go units and money spinners. Revenue from ordering kiosks continues to grow.

Development of Gifts in Wills Program

RMHC is fortunate to have the support of incredibly generous individuals who choose to support us in their Will. Last year we developed a range of resources for our donors and fundraisers to provide easy-to-understand information about how to leave a Gift in Will to RMHC. In 2019 we received more than $800k from Gifts in Wills.

Record-Breaking McHappy Day

$5.5m raised. Significant media coverage for the charity and McHappy Day generated through the 2019 National Ambassador, celebrity Katie Holmes.

Support from National Corporates

In addition to McDonald’s, RMHC is fortunate to have the support of more than 32 National Corporate Partners. Their support included significant financial support, donated goods and services and volunteering. Our corporate support donations for 2019 saw a huge increase from last year, with more than $1m in cash and nearly $4m in donated goods and services.



Mission 2020 goals

  • Value and grow our people
  • By 2020 we will: increase learning and development co-investment to 5% of total expenses

2019 Power Achievements

  • 5 Chapters implemented an approved Enterprise Multi-Enterprise Agreement.
  • 641 volunteers completed our volunteer satisfaction survey. Top 3 responses: they do meaningful work, feel proud, and would recommend RMHC to other volunteers
Learning and Development
  • 1 Organisational Excellence Forum held for senior managers
  • 1 inter-Chapter secondment awarded
  • 70 Program and Fundraising staff received global training in family-centred care
  • 70 Board members and leaders from every Chapter in Australia completed a Board Immersion Course to enhance our governance standards
  • 6 scholarships awarded to RMHC staff


Mission 2020 goals

  • Increase efficiency and alignment across the charity
  • By 2020 we will: reduce duplication of processes and business systems

2019 Alignment Achievements

IT/IS Council Established

To provide and direct infrastructure, priorities and implementation across RMHC.

CRM Tender Underway

Opted to commence embedding a CRM that will future proof the charity and all fundraising activity.

Improved Data Protection

National Privacy Policy and Framework set up to protect confidential data in this age of technology.

Stronger Risk Management

National Risk Management Policy and manual developed and approved, to protect our brand and ensure every RMHC Board has a rigid process that’s reviewed regularly.



Mission 2020 goals

  • Be recognised and known for organisational excellence
  • By 2020 we will: Be recognised for best practice in our governance and programs

2019 Champions Achievements

Social ROI Project

Exciting new research underway to measure the positive social value that each of our Programs delivers for children, parents, schools, the government and RMHC.

Family Journey Mapped

Chapter Program staff mapped the family journey for the House Program under the guidance of an International expert to identify how we can better support families at every turn.

100% Chapter Compliance

100% Chapter compliance with Safeguarding Children and Young People’s (SCYP) minimum standards and principles.

House Program Quality Standards

Created, audited and implemented House Program Quality Standards to ensure best practice across Ronald McDonald Houses in Australia.

WHS Improvements

All RHMC Chapters were externally audited for Work Health and Safety (WHS) practices. All have developed plans for further improvements.

EDMed Gold Winner

Our preeminent accredited training program for teachers, EDMed online, awarded Gold Winner for the “Best eLearning Design – Free eLearning Design”.



Mission 2020 goals

  • Increase the knowledge of the brand and its identity
  • By 2020 we will: be ranked in the top 10 trusted charities and achieve 97% brand awareness

2019 Talk Achievements

National Promotional Plan Launched

To improve brand comprehension over a three year period. Brand assets include: nine TV commercials, six print ads, one new image library.

RMHC Brand Trust

To date we have seen an increase in brand familiarity and our brand reputation and trust remains strong – last year being named the second Most Trusted Children’s Charity and seventh Most Trusted Charity in Australia in the AMR Trusted Charities Index 2019.

New National Website Launched

To reinforce the National Promotional Plan and streamline donor process.

New Peer-to-Peer Platform Launched

A new, consolidated fundraising platform gives Chapters the ability to run their own fundraising campaigns. $120k saved annually. Year-on-year growth of fundraising efforts in one year.


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