Annual Impact Report 2019

Wollongong Family Room

“Our focus in Family Rooms is to support the carers of children who are spending longs days and nights by the bedside, who are travelling back and forth in a day to attend appointments, or anxiously waiting for surgeries to finish” says Simone Daher, CEO RMHC Sydney.

On December 6th, RMHC Sydney opened its Wollongong Family Room, located in the Wollongong Hospital – a first for the region. The hospital expects 2,000 families will make use of this much-needed support service each year.

If you are part of our support community, you will know how important it is for carers to have their basic physical and emotional needs met. Our Family Rooms allow carers to rest and recharge, so that they are able to support their child when they return to the ward.

The Family Room at Wollongong Hospital is no different. It invites families to step away from the stress of being at their child’s side to enjoy a cooked meal, have a shower, switch off in front of the TV, play with siblings or, do their laundry.

“Carers spend so much time focusing on the care of their child, that it’s important for them to have a place they can step into, where they become cared for.” says Simone Daher, CEO, RMHC Sydney.

The new Family Room has been launched to meet the needs of Wollongong’s expanding community, as well as the increasing demands placed on its hospital services. It will ease the financial burden of long hospital stays and help make life less stressful for the families of sick children.

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