Annual Impact Report 2019


145 nights at
Ronald McDonald House

Scout & London’s Story

Little boys like to run, jump, rough and tumble, causing a ruckus wherever they go. Scout and London are as adventurous as they come. These two rambunctious brothers have more than just their fiery red hair in common. They were both born with cleft lips and palates and Pierre Robin Syndrome.

It was during her 20-week scan that London’s Mum found out there was a genetic condition with London. As first-time parents, Nicole and Kayne never expected their child would be born with a medical condition.

It was a tough few weeks as they processed what this would mean for their unborn child. It’s hard enough dealing with one child’s diagnosis, but to learn that your second child has the same condition is an even bigger shock. Especially as the boys’ condition is non-hereditary.

But, with the support of Ronald McDonald House, Nicole and Kayne soon adjusted to a life of treatments and care. They were just relieved they could stay together as a family and keep the boys’ routine as close to normal as possible.

“It scares me to think what would have happened otherwise,” says Nicole.

With a mortgage to pay and large medical bills, paying for a hotel while London and Scout received ongoing treatment would have crippled them. “Besides,” adds Nicole “staying in a hotel can be a nightmare for a mum of boys. Boys love to explore and get into everything.”

Instead, the boys could get up to all kinds of mischief in a family-friendly space, and have mum and dad tuck them in every night. As Nicole says, “It has made the tough times a lot less stressful knowing that we had somewhere comfortable and safe to stay close to the hospital that was also child friendly. We will be forever thankful.”

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