Annual Impact Report 2019

Global Impact

While Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia operates as a local entity, it is part of the broader global charity. The global brand provides RMHC Australia with overarching Program, brand and governance guidance, advice and training. This ensures quality is maintained worldwide.

Global Footprint

  • 275+Chapters
  • 64 Countries and regions
  • 375 Houses
  • 262 Family Rooms
  • 51 Care Mobiles

Ronald McDonald House Impact

As the first and biggest Program in our offering, Ronald McDonald House has supported thousands of families since our doors opened over 40 years ago. A global research team* worked with RMHC to evaluate the impact of our House Program on families around the world. The following is a summary of those findings*.

The World’s Leading NGO

Supporting the accommodation needs of families whose children are receiving 
hospital care.

Who we are

Ronald McDonald House is a ‘home away from home’ for families with seriously ill children. Our Houses allow families to stay close to their child thanks to the support of our donors. Increasingly, our House Program also supports mothers experiencing high risk-pregnancies or premature birth.

Who we support

Children whose families stay at a Ronald McDonald House tend to be the sickest, have travelled the furthest and spend the longest time in the hospital.

How we help

Our Houses provide valuable family-centred care that plays an important role for families. They provide much needed financial, emotional and practical support that reduces the stress and costs to families, while improving their ability to cope.

Access to the best care

Our House Program makes it possible for families who travel long distances, to access the top children’s hospitals around the world.

Stronger mental health

Having a child in hospital can trigger clinical anxiety in parents. Our Houses provide families with the emotional, mental and practical support to better manage their stress, so that they can be more actively involved in the care of their children.

Financial peace of mind

Ongoing medical bills, travel and accommodation costs are a huge source of stress for many families. Our Houses offer affordable accommodation, close to hospitals, to alleviate some of the burden.

Parents sleep better

Parents who sleep at one of Houses have a better night’s rest than those that sleep at their child’s hospital bedside. This ensures they have the strength to support their child.

Children’s recovery

Having family and siblings close by, who are invested in a child’s care, can improve a hospitalised child’s recovery and treatment outcomes.

Positive hospital experience

Families who stay at a Ronald McDonald House find they have a more positive experience of hospital than those that stay elsewhere.

Families cope better

Having family together under one roof, including the support of experienced volunteers and other families, greatly improves a family’s ability to cope with having a child in hospital.

Siblings cope better

Play is how children interact and make sense of the world. That’s why play areas are such an important part of our offering. They allow siblings to connect and cope more with the stress of a difficult situation.

Better quality of life

Children and parents who stay at our Houses are thought to have a better quality of life than expected for children with serious illnesses.

Safe, affordable alternative to hospital

Many high-risk pregnant women who are stable but need to be close to care, can now afford to stay close to care. This is also the case for parents who have a newborn in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

* Findings taken from RMHC Impact Research – the name for a suite of studies on the impact of RMHC around the world. The summaries provided here provide a snapshot of the findings from each of the key Ronald McDonald House Impact studies.

* The global team of researchers was drawn from leading universities, including the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), George Washington University, the University of Chicago, as well as from top medical centres in Hong Kong; Sydney, Australia; the United Kingdom; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cincinnati, U.S.; and Toronto, Canada.

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