Annual Impact Report 2019

Chair and CEO Message

Annual Impact Report 2019

Chair and CEO Message

It’s humbling to witness the incredible resilience our families show every day. These families are going through the unthinkable, and yet they keep going even when it feels too hard. There’s an unshakeable love driving them to support their children – through every treatment, surgery and hospital stay. This is what inspires us to keep improving as a charity.

Over the last three years, we’ve been laying the groundwork to fulfill our 2020 Strategic Plan, and now that hard work is coming to life. In 2019, RMHC Chapters in Australia collectively supported more than 60,000 families thanks to the tireless commitment of staff, volunteers and supporters.

It’s been a pivotal year for the charity, with many successes we can all be proud of. One of the most exciting launches was our first National Promotional Plan. This heartfelt brand campaign clarified how RMHC supports families, to ensure we are a brand people understand and trust.

In addition, we launched our peer-to-peer fundraising platform, which has already bolstered our fundraising, reduced costs and created a better supporter experience. Through a Gap Analysis, we realised we do a great job of supporting families while they’re with us. Now we need to extend that support to families when they return home. This is something we are embracing in 2020.

We are still in awe of the $5.5m raised for RMHC through McHappy Day 2019. This extraordinary success highlights the real passion McDonald’s and their customers have for the charity.

In 2019, we also opened our 19th Family Room, launched our first Hospitality Cart, and introduced Gifts in Wills opportunities for supporters.

For us, it’s not just about opening new Houses and Family Rooms, it’s about making sure that they are good quality, in the right location and for the right purpose. This is what makes us strong.

And 2019 saw us build on those strengths to ensure our systems, processes, standards and governance are better than ever. It’s the year we came together – stronger and more connected – across every Program and family touchpoint.

Because of this, we’re on track to meet every one of our Mission 2020 goals and can go into next year with our heads held high.

We’re immensely proud of all we’ve achieved and would like to acknowledge everyone who contributed for their ongoing generosity, compassion and support.

Our heartfelt thanks for making 2019 an incredible success!

Andrew Gregory


Barbara Ryan


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