Annual Impact Report 2019

For 365 days and nights. Through every child’s diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Every distressing turn and joyous moment. We are there for our families at every point on their journey. Their family journey is our journey. It’s woven into the fabric of everything we do. Our inspiration, motivation and mission.

Ronald McDonald House Charities® in Australia supported 60,302 families through some of their most challenging moments in 2019.

Thank You

Because of you, we were there for them. We wiped away their tears, made them cups of tea and held their crying babies. We brought the classroom to sick children who needed to catch-up on missed education and let siblings play.

Because of you, we gave them a bed to sleep in, a meal to share; a place to call home. They had somewhere to retreat to when it all got too much. A place to rest and reset as a family when the chance came up.

Because of you, we supported more than 60,000 families in 2019. Families who felt safe, supported, loved and taken care of. Families who had the strength to support their children when they needed it most – because of you.

“‘Thanks’ would never be enough for the amount of assistance you provide for 
Ronald McDonald House to operate. You have assisted in making a tough time for a family easier knowing they have somewhere comfortable and safe to sleep. 
A place they can also feel like they are living a semi-normal life and access any support they require.”

Nicole, Parent

“It’s peace of mind and takes the stress off the families in such a way, that is beyond my words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.”

Sara, Parent

“From the bottom of my heart it means so much. These very sick kids have their whole world turned upside down. It is incredibly generous to donate, and it cannot continue without it.”

Tegan, Parent


Meet some of the families we supported in 2019

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